An Analytics Company Releases a List of 11 Alternative Coins That May Be Added to Binance in the Near Future

An Analytics Company Releases a List of 11 Alternative Coins That May Be Added to Binance in the Near Future

Layergg, a firm that specializes in the study of cryptocurrencies, recently released a collection of alternative cryptocurrencies that are highly likely to be added to the Binance exchange. The business highlighted the remarkable rate at which Binance Labs’ portfolio is listed compared to the rates at which other venture capitalists do the same.

According to the information that is currently accessible, Binance Labs has posted a sizeable chunk of the alternative cryptocurrencies that they have invested in on the Binance platform. This share accounts for around twenty percent of the total.

Layergg has identified several projects that have the potential to be listed on Binance but are currently not traded on the platform. Binance Labs has identified these projects as potential investments.

  • LayerZero: The token launch is anticipated to occur within the first six months of the year.
  • Gomble: Once again, Binance took part in the latest funding round of this project. An upcoming auction is set for mid-April, where collectors can bid on one-of-a-kind Gomble OG Spaceship NFTs. Additionally, holders of these unique digital assets will be delighted to know that a confirmed airdrop of G altcoins awaits them.
  • Babylon: The anticipated release of the mainnet is scheduled for the second quarter following the halving event. Layergg predicts that this project will stand out in the Bitcoin staking sector and offers the possibility for NFT holders who are pioneers in staking to receive airdrops.
  • Tabi: Following the launch of Modular Tier-1, Layergg has given serious consideration to listing Tabi as a result of the fact that it has captured their interest. Tabi is a strong candidate for listing on Binance because of his consistent social project scoring engagement and impressive following of one million persons. Binance is particularly interested in the Tier and Entertainment industries.
  • Xterio: The recent announcement that Xterio made regarding the Layer-2 Network and the integration of AI has resulted in a significant amount of interest toward the cryptocurrency. Binance has a strong preference for the Layer-2 and Gaming spaces in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, users have the opportunity to interact with Discord and consistently accumulate experience points with their participation.
  • dappOS: With the inclusion of Polychain in the recently disclosed $15 million financing round, dappOS has opened the door to the possibility of being listed. A joint venture between Polychain and Binance has resulted in the creation of an investment portfolio that is worth more than $15 million and includes an astounding 62% of the projects that are listed.
  • Initia: From the beginning, this endeavor includes L2 as well as MoveVM and EVM. Both the mainnet and the testnet with incentives are expected to be deployed in the second half of this year. The testnet with incentives is scheduled to begin in April 2019.
  • Puffer/Renzo: The Liquid Restaking Coin market is dominated by Etherfi and Puffer/Renzo. ETHFI is still ahead of the competition.
  • zkPass: The ZKP airdrops requirements and activities that were only recently revealed have some sort of relationship with the Binance account.
  • Ultiverse: This listing candidate has generated a lot of buzz in the world of altcoins with its unique approach of rewarding NFT holders through an airdrop. Mark your calendars for an exciting ULTI airdrop event in collaboration with Binance Web3 Wallet on April 9th!
  • Sleek: This newly revealed Bitcoin Layer-2 initiative stands out for its exclusive funding from Binance rather than OKX.

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