Avalon-WM Review – Suited for All the Newbie Traders

Avalon-WM Review

Are you new to trading and want to sign up on a trading platform that makes things easy specifically for you? Do you need a trading account whose features are suited to your trading experience? I understand that feeling because I was a new trader just like you nearly 5 years ago. I have gained experience over the course of time, and believe that I can guide you on a few things when you start. For that purpose, I am sharing this Avalon-WM review with you so you can step in the right direction right from the start.

In a sea of online trading platforms, I have found this one to be more suited to new traders more than any other. I am saying that because its features are designed in a way that starting out becomes easier than ever. Let me elaborate on a few things so you get a clear idea of what I am trying to say here.

Affordable Trading Accounts with Helpful Features

So, I am going to talk about two important things here. I will not introduce just the trading accounts to you. In fact, I will keep my focus on explaining to you how these accounts are suitable for you as a newbie. The first thing you should look at is the amount that you will need to start a trading account with Avalon-WM. The first one on the list is Nano Trader account, and you can start this one with just $1000. Is that a big amount? I am sure you can have that amount ready within a few days even if you are just a student.

Furthermore, you have the Mega Trader account next on the list, and even this account requires no more than $2500 from you. As for the features, you can trade cryptocurrencies with the first account, but you also have stocks available with the second one. It is amazing that you have a senior account consultant to help you right from the beginning even with the basic account.

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Leverages and Trade Sizes

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Once again, you will clearly notice that the features from this company are designed to be friendly for those who are just starting out as traders. If you look at the trading conditions, I am sure you will not find another company that is as good as Avalon-WM. So, the leverage that you get with the Nano Trader account is only 1:10. Why is this leverage so small? Well, because you are just starting out and new traders can end up using leverage against themselves. Move to the second account on the list and your leverages will be 1:30. By the time you reach the highest account, the leverages are huge at 1:100.

The trade sizes also change as you go from one trading account to another. If you are starting out with a Nano Trader account, a trade of only $10 is enough for you to enter it. On the other hand, when you are trading using the most expensive account, your trade size has to be a minimum of $100.

Customer Support and Education

Get all the education that you deserve and need when you are starting as a trader. You can learn through ebooks and go with videos if you think you don’t have enough time to start. In addition to that, you can become a part of online webinars or attend one-on-one training sessions. What’s even more important is that the customer support is available to you in more ways than it usually is with other brokers. You can contact the company by calling a phone number or sending an email. To make things even more convenient for you, the company can call you back too.

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Final Thoughts

Now, don’t you also think that Avalon-WM is quite suitable for traders who have not had any experience of trading before? It is just as suitable for experienced traders as well, but I only wanted to focus on newbies in the trading world. With all the information I have given you, some more research will definitely help you pick your favorite trading platform.

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