BTC EU Review – Always Giving You More Options than Its Competitors

BTC EU Review

The more I research online, the more I realize that some companies really understand trading better than others. I can say that because I have researched, explored, and compared more than 5 dozen different companies that provide online trading services. For the most part, you can put them in the same basket as they provide you with similar services. Yes, there are some that really take trading to the next level and my today’s BTC EU review is for such a company.

A lot of what this firm is doing is not new. The trading platform, trading features and conditions, along with other instruments and tools, they are pretty identical to what other companies give you too when you sign up with them. However, the difference here is that it gives you more. Within those same features, it offers you a bit more. Read on to know-how.

Unique yet Flexible Trading Conditions

The trading conditions from BTC EU are quite unique and flexible at the same time. Uniqueness means that some of the things this company is doing is completely different from how other brokers do them. At the same time, when you look at the overall trading conditions, they seem to be favoring the traders in a lot of ways. So, every online company offers you spreads because that’s how they make money when you trade. However, only a few are able to offer you floating as well as fixed spreads. The account you choose for trading decides whether your spreads will be floating or fixed.

Furthermore, your leverages are not fixed either. Most firms try to keep their leverages fixed because they want to lure traders to sign up with them. However, you start with leverages of 1:30 with the basic account, but the other two accounts, your budget and trading strategy will decide how much leverage you will have.

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Mobile, Web, and Desktop Trading

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What method do you like the most for trading? I am sure you can trade with the method of your choice when you sign up with BTC EU. So, the company has snot resorted to offering you only the web-based trading platform, which is an easy way out for a lot of online companies that offer trading services. They give you the web platform that runs on all the devices regardless of the operating systems on those devices. In this particular case, you have the trading platform on your desktop device, as well as your mobile device.

So, you can use the trading software anywhere you prefer. You are not bound by any boundaries since the platform can be used from any part of the world. The web platform needs no downloading so you can use it on any device. On the other hand, the mobile platform needs downloading but it is the fastest thing you can get on your smartphone devices.

Easy Deposits and Account Opening Requirements

Opening an account is not a challenge when you choose BTC EU as your online trading platform. You can start with a small deposit and trade in many markets of your choice. However, what I like the most about being with this broker is that you can deposit your funds in the account with ease. Most other companies I have seen provide you with MasterCard and Visa debit and credit card availability for making deposits. On the other hand, this firm lets you deposit funds using a Maestro card as well.

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You will not have to worry about any commissions on your deposits because there are none. However, you will have to provide accurate banking details because the company adheres to the AML policy.

Final Thoughts

You can see that I have not told you about any features that you will not find on any platforms. However, you will also notice that the same features look better when you sign up with BTC EU. The secret ingredient is going the extra mile, thinking a little more, and making the feature personalized for today’s traders.

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