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One of the best things that have happened in the past few years is the launch of hundreds of online brokers. These brokers provide online trading services to traders from around the world. They are competing hard against each other and this has given traders a great list of options to choose from. However, before you finalize your decision, I recommend you consider the trading tools and some other important trading features of the broker.

I did that and summarized all of that in my FirstCapital1 review. I hope to use this FirstCapital1 review to help you make the right decision because investing online is a bold step that only a few can take. So, let’s dive into the details and see how good this platform is.

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Economic And ICO Calendars For Traders

What important economic event is about to take place? How will it affect the markets? What trading strategies should you implement right now to tackle the changes? An economic calendar can prepare you for all of that because it lists all the important upcoming events for you.

Those into crypto trading can take advantage of the ICO calendar. In the case of crypto trading, upcoming initial coin offering events are the most important times.

You will know all about them before they happen through the ICO calendar. These are such simple tools from broker but can be so effective for trading.

They mentally prepare you for market conditions before they start changing. In other words, you are ready for whatever comes your way due to these simple tools.

Practice Account For All

Sign up with the broker and learn to trade before you put your money on the line. No, you will not have to use your own money to practice trading.

FirstCapital1 broker has a practice account for you that can help you become familiar with online trading. It’s an ingenious idea that helps many new traders start off on the right foot.

It helps you know the trading process and what the market looks like and get familiar with the interface of the platform before live trading. FirstCapital1 broker gives you dummy credits in this account that you can use for trading.

The trades you enter or exit have no impact on your actual trading account balance. However, this way, you can prepare well for trading and keep yourself from making mistakes when you trade for the first time.

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Get Signals And Alerts

Do you know what is the most difficult part of online trading? Well, different traders might define differently, but most of them agree that looking at the markets and scanning price charts is the most difficult part of online trading.

The modern lives that people live are laced with many things. You have to do hundreds of things on the same day and can’t find time to keep scanning the price charts.

Well, trading platform rids you of that problem completely. It offers you the features of trading signals and trading alerts for your convenience.

Trading signals can tell you what position is likely to benefit you when trading a particular asset. On the other hand, a trading alert will inform you of a market movement that calls for you to take action.

If you take action on time, you could capitalize on the opportunity.

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VIP Rooms, Training Sessions, And More

Last but not least, I have to say that FirstCapital1 trading platform can help you learn trading in a variety of ways. Its training materials aren’t limited for new traders.

Even if you consider yourself an advanced trader, I’m sure you will be able to benefit from the training materials offered by experts on FirstCapital1 trading platform. One-on-one training sessions take place between you and an expert, wherein you can ask whatever questions you want.

Webinars take place regularly, and many traders participate in them at a time to listen to trading experts and ask them questions. Last but not least, you get access to VIP rooms where some of the best trading tactics, techniques, and strategies are being discussed by the best investors.

Is FirstCapital1 Scam or Legit?

The best way that I use for identifying online brokers is to look at the effort they have put into the creation of their platform. If they have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into the platform, it’s a clear sign that they are reliable, like this broker.

Final Thoughts

You can always begin trading with some basic knowledge. However, it’s your proficient use of trading tools to identify great trading opportunities that will help you progress in your career.

I have discussed the best trading tools from this broker in this review so you have an idea before you decide to sign up with this broker.  

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