IGI Markets Review – a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform that May Prove Your First and Last Trading Choice

IGI Markets Review

As the cryptocurrency industry is constantly growing larger with time, everyone is aiming to benefit from it. Everyone is in search of a cryptocurrency trading platform that can offer them all the benefits and support for trading. If your search has brought you here then I’m sure that my IGI Markets review is going to help you in finding the right platform. In my review, I will talk about the platform and let you know how IGI Markets distinguishes itself from other typical crypto-trading platforms.

List of Cryptocurrencies to Trade at IGI Markets

IGI Markets offers you the ability to trade in hundreds of cryptocurrencies. This means that it doesn’t just offer you the top cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, XRP, BTC, LTC, and ETH, etc. but also other cryptocurrencies. The firm keeps a close eye on the performance of the cryptocurrencies and based on their growth, it enlists a digital asset. Furthermore, IGI Markets has a team of highly resourceful and informative traders and analysts who would always give you profitable and learning advice.

Educational Program by IGI Markets

The most interesting part of my IGI Markets review is the educational program that the platform offers. In today’s time, most of the cryptocurrency trading service providers are focused on getting money out of you through different ways. However, IGI Markets wants you to learn and educate yourself in the cryptocurrency trading industry. The experts at IGI Markets have shared their experiences, their learnings, and their knowledge in the form of educational content.

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You can go through the material provided by IGI Markets in its educational program and take advantage from it. The content currently offered by IGI Markets includes crypto-trading eBooks/videos, glossary, daily market reviews, daily market news, and so much more.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Today:

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Tether (USDT)
Cardano (ADA)

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Options Granted by IGI Markets for Making Deposits and Withdrawals

When it is time to make a deposit or a withdrawal, IGI Markets provides you with only a handful of payment methods, keeping your convenience in mind. This is because providing several payment methods would only make things complex for you. The depositing and withdrawing options at IGI Markets comprise of Ripple Wallet, EFT Pay, Visa/MasterCards, and Bank Wire transfers.

24/7 Real Time Support Teams at IGI Markets

At IGI Markets, you can truly count on the capabilities and competency of the customer support representatives in solving your problems promptly. The support teams at IGI Markets are highly professional, experienced, and well-trained in understanding your problems and finding an instant solution to them. For now, the customer support teams at IGI Markets are available through landline. If your query is not that important and can wait, then you can send them an email.

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List of Trading Accounts by IGI Markets

At IGI Markets, you have several trading accounts available for you that you can choose to trade with. Based on your experience and understanding of the cryptocurrency markets, you can choose the account that you see fit. Once decided, you can make the minimum deposit for the particular account and start trading. There are a total of six trading accounts that are available for you in the cryptocurrency industry.

Every trading account comes with unique services and benefits, but all of them have offer general services. These general services include premier events, personalized trading strategies, multiple trading markets, one-on-one coaching sessions, market analysis reports, and daily market reviews.

Regulatory Guidelines Adherence

IGI Markets is constantly on the lookout for providing you with a safe, peaceful, and a professional trading environment. In order to achieve this, IGI Markets is adherent to the most crucial policies that include the KYC and AML regulations. If you wish to become part of IGI Markets, then you have to comply with these policies and if you cannot, then you cannot become part of IGI Markets’ family.

Ending Thoughts

In the cryptocurrency trading industry, you will find several cryptocurrency trading platforms offering different kinds of services and making many claims. However, it doesn’t mean that you end up going after every trading platform. Therefore, you need to think twice before trusting the capabilities of every firm. Therefore, go ahead and make the right choice after going through all the details about the firm so you do not end up making any mistake.

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