Inceptial Review – The Broker That Takes Trader Satisfaction Seriously

Inceptial Review

Today, I will tell you about an online trading platform that really cares about you. Now, I have not reached the conclusion without proper research and analysis. I have done my homework and everything I tell you today, I would say you can go ahead and explore it further. So, here is a Inceptial review that I think should help you get started with this online firm. I don’t want to make any hollow claims of this company being the best, but I do believe that after knowing its features, you will be convinced about its extra care for the traders.

Top-level Customer Service

You can always recognize the best companies out there based on the type of customer support they provide. You will notice that the companies that are not really at the top of their game are not good with their customer service either. In a way, they are trying to escape any scenarios in which they have to face their customers or traders. In the case of Inceptial, I can tell you that customer support is a special focus of this firm. First, look at the website and you will know that it is available I more than a dozen different languages.

This just goes to show how much the firm cares about traders from all parts of the world. Secondly, you will be assisted by the customer support representatives throughout the day and night. The best thing is that you can call the company when you want or send an email if you prefer that method of customer service. Most importantly, there is live chat on the website, which allows you to get in touch with the company through a chat window within seconds.

Safety, Compliance, and Regulation

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Talk about safety and I am sure you will hardly find another company that is as safe as this one based on the security features and compliance protocols. I am proud to tell you that the platform that I am referring you to is properly regulated. The regulation information is available on the website of the company and you can see that the National Bank of Belarus is the body that regulates this broker. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about your security when you sign up because your information gets encrypted for your safety as soon as it leaves your computer.

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I do have to tell you that the company also puts all your money in segregated funds. Of course, you don’t even have to think about the adherence of the company to KYC and AML policies. When you sign up with Inceptial, you will have to provide accurate banking and personal details to make sure that the platform recognizes you as a legitimate trader. For those who are trying to use it for money laundering purposes, they will not be able to get through because of the AML requirements on the website.

The Platform and Assets

Let me talk about the most important thing that an online trading services provider is supposed to pay attention to. So, when you look at the trading platform, you will be happy to know that you can download the mobile version or go with the web-based version. With the web-based version, there is no need to download anything. On the other hand, when it comes to the mobile version, you can download the software and use it however and whenever you want.

You will also be glad to know that this platform gives you access to more than 150 assets coming from commodities, forex, indices, stock, and many others.

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Final Thoughts

If I have to give you one reason to sign up with Inceptial, I don’t think I will talk about anything other than regulation. A regulated online trading services firm is the best platform for any trader because they can sign up with peace of mind and knowing that they are choosing a legitimate entity to be their partner in trading.

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