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After being associated with the online trading industry as a trader and then as a review, I can tell you that there are people with all sorts of beliefs. I have seen people who think trading is easy and can be done without any preparation. Then there are those who think trading is complex and only a few can do it. I say, moderation is the best policy. If you are with the right broker, trading can certainly be fun. That’s what I hope you would after reading my review.

I don’t want to present trading as some sport or game. However, when you get the features you like, trading is much more than just a stressful job. Let me show you in this PhoenixTB review what I mean by that.

A Demo Account for All

When you sign up with PhoenixTB broker, you get to trade with a demo account. A demo account is just as important as a paid account for me. I think it is even more important because it allows you to learn trading without any fears. So, a demo account is for the broker to show you what trading is like, how the platform works, etc. It’s a glimpse into the online trading world without putting your savings at stake. So, you sign up with the broker, trade any asset you like with this account, and see how well your trading strategies are working.

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You don’t use your real money and as a result, you don’t make any profits or anything. It’s just an account for you to learn, but a perfect way for you to begin your career.

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Welcome Bonus for New Traders

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Could there be anything more fun than bonuses and perks? Yes, when you sign up with PhoenixTB broker, it welcomes you with a great bonus. I do have to tell you here that even existing traders get rewards on this platform. They get rewards in the form of loyalty points that they collect on every trade. Now, when you sign up on the platform for the first time, you will qualify to get a welcome bonus. The amount you deposit at the time of signup will decide the bonus you get because it’s a percentage of that deposited amount.

It’s amazing that PhoenixTB broker has thought out of the box to make trading fun and exciting for its traders from day one. I wish more brokers thought like this.

Free Training Materials

You get access to education center when you sign up with Phoenix TB trading platform. However, you can access all of these materials only when you sign up with a paid trading account. Of course, you can go with a basic trading account that requires a small deposit. It gives you access to crypto trading, forex trading, and more. Now, once you have signed up, you can read eBooks for learning the various trading concepts and techniques. You can also decide if you want to learn the basics or something more advanced. The broker offers you all of those materials completely free of cost once you have signed up.

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What makes me like the education center on PhoenixTB trading platform is the fact that you can attend webinars for free. These are the most valuable sessions where you can get useful insights from those who are actively a part of the online trading world.

Phoenix Education Materials

Increasing Leverages

As you continue to trade, you become more confident. The more confident you are as a trader, the bigger the risks you can take. You can’t ignore the fact that big risks can bring you big rewards. Now, if you are ready to take big risks, the broker should offer you the trading conditions where you can do that. On PhoenixTB trading platform, you get what you would call increasing leverages.

The leverages you can use on your trades start at a small level. However, as you grow and sign up with non-basic trading accounts, these leverages only increase for you. Don’t forget that spreads will continue to get smaller just like leverages get bigger.

Is PhoenixTB Scam or Legit?

I think this broker is doing more work than most others out there. It is not just a platform where you trade. It’s a platform where you trade and have fun at the same time because the trading journey is so smooth. I think a broker like this should be trusted by every trader.

Final Thoughts

I have reviewed many online platforms and I can tell you that this broker is in a league of its own. The way it has made online trading so fun and exciting, I couldn’t have ever expected something like that. However, as you can tell from my PhoenixTB review, this broker has made it possible and also a completely separate place in the hearts of its traders.

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