SOL Price Rises After FTX’s $58M Solana Unstaking Attempt Frozen Assets

In light of the persistent upheaval surrounding FTX, a recent incident has resulted in the immobilization of $58 million worth of Solana (SOL) within a staking account associated with the beleaguered cryptocurrency exchange. In light of FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, this incident introduces an additional stratum of intricacy to the evolving narrative.

On October 30th, a transaction that deviated from the intended course was brought to the attention of Nansen, a reputable blockchain analytics firm. A notable event happened on FTX: an attempt to unstack 1.6 million SOL was slowed down by a technical issue, which stopped the assets from moving into the staking account.

The wallet above, identified as FTX Cold Storage #2, contains a substantial sum exceeding $100 million in various cryptocurrencies, encompassing 1,033 WBTC, 364,859 JSOL, and close to 4 million USDT. Because of the funds currently being staked, questions are raised about who started the transaction and whether it is possible to get the assets back.

FTX’s Perilous Position in the Market

The bankruptcy challenges faced by FTX persist, causing significant repercussions within the cryptocurrency domain. Substantial debts are owed to creditors, while assets are dispersed across diverse blockchains. The unsuccessful Solana unstaking event introduces an additional level of intricacy to the current circumstances.

Staking, an essential mechanism inherent to proof-of-stake blockchains, provides incentives for the immobilization of tokens to authenticate transactions. The process of unstaking generally facilitates the redemption of said tokens by users. The standard procedural course encountered an obstacle to SOL’s affiliation with FTX, resulting in the present predicament.

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The Cost of Solana Experiences a Daily Increase of Over 16%

In the face of prevailing tumultuous circumstances, SOL has exhibited commendable fortitude and adaptability within the market. The cryptocurrency has seen a noticeable 4.3% upward movement over the past 24 hours and a significant 15.1% increase over the previous week.

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Furthermore, it has demonstrated a remarkable uptick of 56.9% during the preceding 30-day timeframe. In light of the persistent FTX saga, it is noteworthy that SOL’s market performance has demonstrated resilience and maintained a commendable level of strength.

Still, it is essential to be aware of the problems that could come up. For example, FTX’s attempt to unstack 1.6 million SOL during bankruptcy proceedings raises questions about the asset’s long-term stability. Additionally, a decline in social engagement and a decrease in the bullish sentiment surrounding SOL indicate a noticeable change in market confidence. The observed increase in AltRank means a plausible future reduction in price could be imminent.

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