Things That Point to an ADA Price Recovery

Despite the positive metrics observed on the Cardano network in recent weeks, the performance of ADA price needs to exhibit more significant movement. Nevertheless, the trajectory of this particular trend may transform the near future, owing to the emergence of various significant advancements that possess the potential to expedite the recovery of said digital asset.

The Cardano Whales Have Arrived in the Market

It is common knowledge that whales trading in Cardano have frequently increased their cryptocurrency holdings even though the digital asset has been experiencing a downward trend. This is still the case, even after the most recent drop in the price of ADA, which caused the whales to go into a purchasing frenzy rather than selling off their holdings. This indicates that nothing has changed.

Even though the price of ADA dropped as low as $0.2422 earlier in the week — the second lowest it has been all month — believers in the currency did not let this dissuade them from holding onto their positions. Instead, the activity of Cardano whales rose, which suggests that they were rushing to purchase the digital asset at what is seen to be a low price.

Whales Become More Active After a Dip | Source: IntoTheBlock

According to the data provided by IntoTheBlock, a significant volume of ADA, amounting to over $3 billion, was observed to have been transacted by prominent entities commonly referred to as “whales” on Monday. Although this observation does not directly substantiate the case for making a purchase, the temporal context in which this occurrence transpired indicates a potential trend toward accumulation.

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The cetaceans initiated the transfer of these tokens shortly after the price decline. Furthermore, the digital asset exhibited notable resilience after that period, as evidenced by the ADA price rebounding and ultimately surpassing the resistance level at $0.245.

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The ongoing demonstration of resilience exhibited by the altcoin indicates that the entities with significant holdings, commonly referred to as whales, have been engaging in acquiring the token instead of engaging in its sale. In this particular scenario, it is anticipated that the ADA price will persist upward, prompting individuals to augment their existing positions.

There is a Potential for the ADA Price to Rally

An intriguing advancement observed within the Cardano network pertains to the notable increase in its active user base, which has the potential to impact the valuation of ADA positively. According to the data provided by IntoTheBlock, there has been a significant increase in the number of daily active users, surpassing 42,500 addresses. This results in a growth rate exceeding 60% compared to the previous data.

The daily active addresses are currently undergoing a downward correction, as evidenced by the data provided by the DeFi tracking website, DeFiLlama. Within the past 24 hours, the platform has recorded 31,846 active users. However, it is noteworthy that this figure holds considerable importance, as it exceeds the number of daily active users observed in Avalanche, which stands at 29,042.

The observed increase in active addresses indicates a notable upsurge in interest directed toward the Cardano network. Considering the intrinsic nature of ADA as the fundamental token underpinning the comprehensive ecosystem, an escalation in activity inevitably engenders a commensurate surge in demand for said token, as users necessitate its utilization for the execution of transactions.

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The price of ADA has exhibited a prolonged period of trading within a narrow range. A potential upward movement from that point would expeditiously result in the token’s price revisiting the resistance level at $0.26.

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