Trade Galactica Review ( – Is TradeGalactica Scam or a Legit Trading Platform?

Trade Galactica Review

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Nowadays, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online traders are demanding more from their brokers in terms of functionality. As our lifestyles become more dynamic and our schedules more packed, users are seeking better features from their platforms. Unfortunately, many platforms currently providing services have yet to level up their features.

So, traders want to make the switch to better options. In this Trade Galactica review, I’ll be discussing what such a broker provides to its user base.

Though there are multiple brokers that users can sign up with online, it’s important to remember that traders’ needs have changed. Instead of trading from home, they want to be able to do everything on their own time, with added convenience. That’s why I decided to see what the Trade Galactica broker platform can give that the other platforms can’t. 

Highly Compatible Web-Based Platform 

Personally, I’m a big fan of great design, so one of the top things on my list was to assess the TradeGalactica broker platform’s design. Therefore, I browsed through the platform to get a feel of the design and was pleased to see that it’s a highly compatible web-based platform. That means the developers in charge of designing it made it easily accessible through users’ browsers.

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Trade Galactica trading platform

Now, there’s no need to download any application from the app store and save it to your device before you start trading. This eliminates the hassles that come with constantly updating the application and associated storage issues.

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And because it has a user-friendly interface, traders can access it from any device, whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. Plus, it’s also compatible with the most common smartphone and desktop operating systems. 

Multiple Asset Classes to Choose From

When you’re building a portfolio, you need to make sure that all the assets don’t belong to a single market. Otherwise, the smallest of fluctuations will cause a ripple effect that influences your entire investment. To prevent this from happening, the broker platform offers an array of different trading assets to choose from. 

All of these belong to varying classes, like foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and also cryptocurrencies if you lean towards crypto trading. Either way, you have a chance to build a diversified portfolio that gives you access to different markets.

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By doing this, you’re able to reduce your exposure to unnecessary risk levels and make more consistent returns. 

Advanced Trading Toolkit 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: every trader needs access to the right set of tools in order to succeed. Thankfully, the Trade Galactica trading platform offers a comprehensive toolkit that includes charts, signals, indicators, and more. Using the pricing charts, you’re able to stay on top of current pricing trends of assets in your portfolio. 

With market signals, looking for specific market trends on the chart becomes much easier because you know what you’re looking for. Once you’ve spotted a lucrative trading opportunity, you can set up an indicator that informs you when the price of an asset has reached your desired level.

Then, it opens or closes your position for you, allowing you to secure your profit or prevent added losses. 

Realistic Demo Account 

An added feature of the TradeGalactica trading platform is the availability of a demo account. Using this feature, new traders can test out different tools in a realistic market environment. That way, they’ll be able to see what a specific tool can do. 

Once you start building strategies, you can use this trading platform demo account to see if it delivers the kind of results you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, you’ll be able to modify your strategy before implementing it under actual market conditions, where it could be costly to practice the wrong trade. 

Trade Galactica demo account

Is Trade Galactica Scam or Legit? 

While this broker does offer some impeccable features, as mentioned in my TradeGalactica review, the security features are great, too. It employs an encryption protocol that’s designed to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data so that no sensitive user data is leaked or exploited by hackers.

During the signup process, every user is verified as per KYC policies to make sure that everyone is exactly who they claim to be. With a segregated account for users, it proves itself as legit. 

Bottom Line 

To conclude this review, I’ll give a short recap of the different features I’ve talked about. The developers behind this broker have created a web-based platform that’s easily accessible, regardless of device. Also, there are various asset classes available through this broker, so users can build mixed portfolios.

There’s an advanced toolkit comprising pricing charts, market signals, indicators and more for a simple trading process. Also, the realistic demo account is perfect for new traders who want to test out the features before going live. So, it’s an excellent option for today’s traders who demand greater convenience. 

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