Using Machine Learning to Guess What Bitcoin Will Be Worth on November 1, 2023

On Monday, October 16, Bitcoin (BTC) witnessed an unexpected development as it underwent a rapid surge, reaching a notable 10% increase and the $29,900 threshold, marking its highest point since August.

Nevertheless, the gains above were almost eradicated as BlackRock, a well-known asset manager, disregarded assertions in a report within cryptocurrency news. In a premature announcement, it was reported by Coin Telegraph that the approval of BlackRock’s eagerly awaited use for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had occurred. The media outlet later retracted this news.

The virtual currency encountered a significant decline after a Fox Business reporter disclosed on platform X that BlackRock had disavowed the statement above.

Analysis on the Price of Bitcoin

An examination of Bitcoin’s recent performance reveals an intriguing portrayal: the virtual currency has experienced positive results on only 13 occasions within the past 30 days, equating to a success rate of 43%.

However, the yearly performance is exceptional, showcasing a remarkable 47% increase. It should be acknowledged that Bitcoin has surpassed the performance of 87% of the leading 100 cryptocurrency assets during the corresponding period and has even surpassed Ethereum. Bitcoin currently maintains a position that exceeds the 200-day simple moving average, emphasizing its resilience.

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To gain further perspectives, we contacted Google’s Bard to inquire about the potential consequences of approving a Bitcoin spot ETF. In response, it was emphasized the potential for transformation that an endorsement of this nature could have on the valuation of Bitcoin, aligning with the consensus of various market analysts.

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According to numerous analysts, there is a consensus that an upsurge in demand for Bitcoin may occur, potentially resulting in a price surge. According to confident analysts, predictions have been made regarding the potential price of Bitcoin, suggesting that it may reach $100,000 or even $200,000 in the event of an approved spot ETF.

The AI platform has detected various potential elements that could impact the price of Bitcoin in the event of a spot ETF approval. The factors encompass the overall sentiment prevailing in the cryptocurrency market, the demand for Bitcoin from institutional investors, the regulatory framework governing digital assets, and the broader economic conditions.

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