South Korea Is Interested in Using Blockchain Technology to Make the Job Application Process Easier

South Korea Is Interested in Using Blockchain Technology to Make the Job Application Process Easier

South Korea has revealed its plans to provide its citizens with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and blockchain technology as part of its ongoing efforts to improve its digital economy.

To improve the pool of talent in this area, the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology (MSIT) has announced a comprehensive plan to incorporate digital skills that will be implemented over five years. The South Korean government has devised a strategy known as the “Comprehensive Plan to Foster Digital Talent” to maintain its competitive edge in the field of emerging technologies, along with other regions.

The Rapid Growth in the Popularity of Digital Technologies

It is estimated that approximately 99,000 people in South Korea are proficient in digital technology at present. However, many industry professionals anticipate a significant increase in the demand for these skills. Within the next five years, the demand for workers with these skills is expected to skyrocket to 738,000 across various industries.

South Korea’s administrators have access to a wide range of options to meet the ever-increasing demand for their services. Instead of resorting to opening the floodgates for foreigners, the government has stated that it intends to concentrate on the resources already available within the country to satisfy the growing demand.

It is a significant challenge to train a large number of people. Still, the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology in South Korea has taken the first step by developing a comprehensive plan. The government has announced plans to revamp the educational curriculum taught to students in high school and college all over the country.

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Courses in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and cybersecurity will be included in the blueprint. Students who are interested in these areas will have the opportunity to earn degrees at the bachelor’s or doctoral level. Additionally, the plan will include the implementation of “company-focused” training programs that are intended to serve as a talent pipeline for participants in the industry.

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MSIT has reported that the government of South Korea intends to improve the digital education landscape by providing a wider variety of options. These options include expanding digital and information classes and making coding classes mandatory. “We will regularly administer assessments to gauge adults’ digital proficiency and work towards enhancing their digital literacy.”

In addition, the ministry disclosed the government’s plan to strengthen the relationship between the private sector and the government and to provide financial assistance to exceptional students who wish to pursue additional training in various jurisdictions.

Introducing Innovative Digital Badges

In order to meet the growing demand for digital professionals, the government of South Korea has taken preventative measures by implementing digital badges powered by blockchain technology. This move is in recognition of the growing versatility of this technology. Through the use of digitally consolidated information regarding the applicant’s educational background and credentials, the badges intend to simplify the process of applying for jobs by removing the need for an excessive amount of paperwork.

To help implement the new policy, the Ministry of Science has enlisted the assistance of the Korea Employment Information Service, the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, and the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA).

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“Our utmost commitment is to provide unwavering assistance and guarantee that the digital badge service, built on blockchain technology, offers practical convenience and optimal efficiency for individuals involved in job-seeking endeavors,” said Lee Jong-ho, the Minister of Science and Information Technology.

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